In case you’re interested in knowing what races I’m planning¬†on doing, here are some of them. You can also find results from my previous years of racing as well.

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1. Harriers Pioneer 8K.
2. Cobble Hill 10K

1. Cedar 12K
2. Hatley Castle 8K

1. LifeMark Health Esquimalt 5k
2. Comox RV Half Marathon

1. TC 10K-(I want to beat my last year’s time)
2. Boston Marathon

1. BMO Vancouver Half Marathon
2. Oak Bay Half Marathon
More TBA!

2014 Races, Results and Reports

Victoria Marathon 42.2km Oct 12, 2014 REPORT HERE 3:18:27 (3rd in Age Group), 21/774 female overall

The Q Victoria Run Series Overall End of Season Report 1st place in Age Group, Winner of Marcia Stromsmoe Performance Award

Victoria Goddess Run Half Marathon 21.1km REPORT HERE 1:35:41, 2nd place overall

Oak Bay Half Marathon 21.1km REPORT HERE  1:32:25, 9th female overall out of 371

BMO Vancouver Marathon 42.2km REPORT HERE 3:23:10, 4th/137 in age group; 56th/2117 female;  345th/4933 overall

TC 10K April 27, 2014 REPORT HERE 40:56, 4th in age group, 22nd female overall

Sooke 10k April 13, 2014 REPORT HERE 41:35, 1st in age group

Merville 15k Apr 6, 2014 REPORT HERE 1:02:21, 1st in age group

Comox RV Half Marathon Mar 23, 2014 REPORT HERE 1:31:34, 2nd in age group

LifeMark Health Esquimalt 5k Mar 22, 2014 REPORT HERE 20:28, 3rd female overall

Hatley Castle 8k Mar 2, 2014 REPORT HERE 34:14, 1st in age group

Cedar 12k  February 9, 2014 REPORT HERE  51:02, 1st in age group

Cobble Hill 10k Jan 26, 2014 REPORT HERE 41:30, 2nd in age group

Harriers Pioneer 8k Jan 2014 REPORT HERE 33:03, 2nd in age group

2013 Races, Results and Reports

VICTORIA MARATHON 42.2km REPORT HERE October 13, 2013. 3:25:45 (2nd in age group) and 217th/1726 overall

BMO Vancouver Marathon 42.2km REPORT HERE May 5th, 2013. 3:31:27 (2/140 Age Group),  71st/2145 female, 398th/3978 overall

TC 10k April 2013 REPORT HERE 42:14, (2nd in Age Group), 39th female, 287th overall

LifeMark Health Esquimalt 5k March 2013 REPORT HERE 19:25 (2nd female)

Cedar 12k Feb 10, 2013 REPORT HERE 52:01 (2nd in Age Group)

Hatley Castle 8k Feb 24, 2013 REPORT HERE 33:48 (1st in Age Group)

2012 Races, Results and Reports

Bear Mountain Half Marathon 2012 REPORT HERE 1:42:59 (1st in Age Group), 2nd female overall, 12/73 overall

Victoria Marathon October 2012 REPORT HERE 3:27:48 (5/35 Age Group), 38th/763 female, and 220th/1724 overall

CFB Esquimalt Navy 10k June 3, 2012 REPORT HERE 43:35 (3/30 Age Group), 4/125 female, 39/320 overall

TC 10k April 2012 REPORT HERE 43:42 (15/585 in Age Group) and 429th overall out of over 10,000 people


Emperor’s Challenge Half Marathon (actually 20km, but half marathon sounds more impressive): 2:12 4th female out of 162 (first long race ever)