My name is Yana Hempler and YBFAT is my fitness and training diary. YBFAT=Yana’s Blog: Fitness and Training.

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I went from being that girl that people told to stay away from sports because I wasn’t good, was made fun of and that was picked last in gym class to becoming the NWASAA zone champion and competing at the Provincial level in Track & Field and Badminton, ultimately becoming the Female Athlete of the Year in grade 12.

Above: Photo by IMS FotoGrafix and clothing by Public Myth

My story doesn’t end there, however. Right after graduating high school I got a pretty bad foot injury that prevented me from doing what I love-running-for almost 3 years. I could not try out for the university cross country team because of that injury. I gained around 35 lbs and felt lost, useless and very sad. After about 3 years of contemplating, I got a job at a gym which came with the bonus of a free membership. I began to workout again doing a combination of longer cardio sessions on the AMT and weights to build up endurance and strength.

Then, I got on the treadmill and started to gradually build up speed and the length of time I ran. I was like “Wow! I’m running again! This is amazing!” I trained hard and was amazed by the results. I lost the 35 lbs in about 8 months, taking a gradual approach to permanent weight loss.

That’s when I decided to fulfil my lifelong desire to become a personal trainer. There is nothing more rewarding than designing safe, effective, comprehensive and personalized workout programs and watching clients achieve life-changing results.

Since my injury in 2008, I signed up for my first race, the TC 10K in 2012. Then, shortly thereafter I did the CFB Esquimalt Navy 10K. Not too long after, I decided to undertake something bigger and longer. So I signed up for the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon. I loved that race and was pleased with the results.
In addition to continuing to do distance races, I also did my first fitness competition in March, 2013.

Here you will find information about fitness, interviews with successful people in the fitness industry, running tips, relevant product and business reviews, and my own experiences as my fitness journey continues. My favorite exercise is running, so many of my posts will be about that.

My goal is to inspire people to improve their physical health through exercise. I understand that we don’t all have 1.5-2 hours every day to spend in the gym, and I can help you find alternative solutions to help you reach your fitness goals. I also understand that not everyone has the same goals, and that is why each fitness routine must be tailored to each individual. Additionally, just because something worked for me, does not mean it will work for you, but you won’t know that until you try.

Depriving yourself of the foods you love and exercising until you feel like you are going to die is not the answer either. Your fitness regimen must be something that you enjoy so that you sustain it for a long time and turn it into a habit.

I’m a BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer. I have also studied Health, Wellness, and Nutrition at the university level, as I took those classes as electives as part of my Bachelor of Commerce degree.
Athletic Accomplishments: Female Athlete of the Year: Grade 12 Badminton MVP: Grade 11
Track & Field MVP: Grade 10 Cross Country Running Zone Champion NWASAA Track & Field Champion (1500m, 3000m)

Above: Me receiving the track & field MVP award in Grade 10 for my accomplishments in the 1500M and 3000M.


Running PR’s

5k=19:25 (2015)

10K=40:56 (2014)

Half Marathon=1:28:15 (2015)

Marathon=3:18:27 (2014)
Lastly, I will also share how it is possible for someone like me, who could not even run one lap around the track without huffing, puffing, and feeling pain all over, to complete a full marathon under 3:30 and qualify for the Boston Marathon. I went from being told that I can’t run and that I should stay far away from sports, to winning zone championships in track & field, competing at the provincial level in badminton and track, and eventually entering the world of long distance running and fitness modeling.

I am not a “naturally-born” athlete, so I can relate to people who are worried about not being athletic. However, I want you to know that with the right mindset, the right information, and the proper training technique, you too can achieve whatever level of fitness you want (as well as your other goals). When you truly want to change your life, there is nothing that will stop you.