EXCITING NEWS: I’m Blogging for The Q Academy

I originally approached Manny at The Q Academy because I wanted to learn new skills in order to attract more participants to my new event called Run4Dreams, which is a Virtual 5k Race in order to raise money for Help Fill a Dream Foundation.

After my injury in 2016, I was not able to be a full-time personal trainer anymore. However, my love for running and my knowledge of the sport never went away just because I got a new career in the corporate world and was no longer a sub 41 min 10k runner due to the injury.

Now that I’m able to resume training and running more again, I am looking forward to making another attempt at a sub 40 min 10k. I know exactly what needs to happen for me to accomplish that goal and I will certainly be more than happy to share that too.

However, most importantly, I’m hoping that my story and experiences will simply inspire anyone who is leading a sedentary lifestyle to get out there and run a block. Then, run a mile. And then, run a few more miles. I promise you that although not every run will be easy, it will be worth it. You will see an improvement in your quality of life over time.

I’m very excited that I can share my passion for running and charity fundraising using fitness and technology with the readers of The Q Academy’s blog.

Technology is a wonderful thing. In the right hands, it can connect people who are passionate about a certain subject as well as create opportunities that never existed before.

I’m thrilled that I was asked to guest blog for The Q Academy. I love running, helping charities and producing content that will hopefully inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Check out my first post on how I will be using technology and digital marketing in order to inspire people to run and at the same time help out a great cause. I’m excited that I can share running tips, wearable fitness technology reviews and posts on corporate wellness on The Q Academy’s blog.

The first post is called Using Digital Marketing For Charity.   


Photo by: Ian Simpson at IMS FotoGrafix. Clothing: Public Myth.


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