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Run4Dreams 2.0: Virtual 5k Race For Help Fill a Dream Foundation

The initial Run4Dreams was a success and it got SOLD OUT! More on that in my upcoming post on Oct 15th, so stay tuned for all the numbers, photos and stats from the first virtual run I ever organized.

Given the success of the first Run4Dreams, I have decided that there will be another one in 2018.

Early bird registration for Run4Dreams 2.0 is officially open!

What is Run4Dreams?

Run4Dreams is a Virtual 5k Race, where the net proceeds from registration will be donated to Help Fill a Dream Foundation. Help Fill A Dream provides hope, help and happiness for Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands’ children under the age of 19 with life-threatening conditions. Help Fill a Dream Foundation fulfils their dreams as well as assists their families with much-needed financial support.

One of those children was Jerry Hughes.
Jerry grew up to be an inspiration to many people.He was born with a rare genetic disorder called Gardner’s Syndrome. Currently, Jerry is one of the top ultra marathoners in Canada. Help Fill a Dream Foundation has made a hugely positive impact on his life when he was younger. Jerry has two young kids of his own now. There is a chance they might have inherited his genetic disorder. However, Jerry’s kids are too young to get tested for it yet. The thought of those two handsome young boys potentially having this disease breaks my heart.

Not only that, but Run4Dreams also aims to unite the running community all over the world.

REGISTRATION: Early Bird Registration ends Jan 1, 2018 (after that, price goes up!)

Included in registation: a FREE pair of high quality Run4Dreams Endur Officials Ankle Socks. Early bird registration is $24.99 CAD! You will also be entered to WIN some AWESOME draw prizes!!

Left: Actual photo of the socks that come with your registration. Submitted by a participant who received his! 🙂








ONCE REGISTERED: Submit your name, shipping address and Garmin/Strava/MapmyRun/etc data from the run to Run (or walk) must be completed between date of registration and final submission deadline of April 15, 2018. Optional: Submit a post-run selfie along with your results ? You can run (or walk) anywhere in the world as long as the proper data is submitted.

“My 5km time at the 2017 Park Run in Cloverpoint was a 16:07, which is a personal best for me. I also want to thank Yana Hempler and Jerry Hughes for telling me about what Run 4 Dreams stands for”Matthew Winkler, local elite runner.

A $50 CASH PRIZE will be awarded for the most creative submission (open to interpretation…think run selfies, running outfits, creative routes, creative run story, but must be safe for work!) 

A $50 CASH PRIZE will be awarded for fastest submission. All submissions faster than 19 minutes will be carefully reviewed and dishonest entries will be disqualified.

WINNERS with the fastest and most creative submission will be revealed on April 16, 2018.

ALL Winners must agree to have their image, name and time published in order to promote upcoming events. All socks will be shipped to the participants before April 15, 2018.

By signing up, you have read and understood the Disclaimer & Disclosure.

Your information will not be sold to any 3rd parties. However, your images may be used to promote upcoming future events. The information will not be shared with any third party, other than as necessary to fulfill your request, e.g. to ship an order or prize winnings. From time to time, you may be contacted to be a part of future virtual race events organized by Yana Hempler Fitness if they occur. You may opt out of any future contact at any time.

Prize may be changed at any time without notice depending on the number of registrants. By signing up, you agree to accept the results and the determined winner as final.

I do not collect or store your credit card information. You can pay with any major credit card. It will be on RaceRoster

No refunds are given for registrations.

These terms and conditions are subject to change.

5 Ways to Find Joy From Running Again

No matter where we are in our journey, sometimes we go through phases where we don’t enjoy running as much. All of a sudden, the activity that we loved so much became a chore.

We started to dread going out there. Instead, we opted to watch the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills or American Idol (kidding!). I’d rather watch Homicide Hunter: Joe Kenda or Storage Wars. Well, anyways, you get my point.

If you are a runner and you see yourself opting to watch TV instead of running or are trying to find reasons not to run, then you may need to re-kindle your motivation to run. You need to get back to enjoying your runs as opposed to dreading them.

Maybe you got injured and are having trouble getting back into it. Maybe, you allowed some personal challenges in life get in the way of your running. Whatever it is, I hope that this post will help you.

So, how do you re-kindle your love affair with running and get back out there?

  1. Remember why you started running in the first place. Chances are, there is a reason why you started running. Ask yourself, “why did I start”? Why did running make me happy before? If you can honestly answer those questions, then you will be able to get motivated to run again and enjoy it.
  2. Change how you train. Maybe you are overtraining and burning out. On the other hand, maybe you are not training enough to see results. Whatever the issue is, take a look at what you’ve been doing over the past few months and see where you fall on the “overtraining to not training enough” spectrum. This will definitely help you figure out what you need to do to start enjoying your runs again. Here are 5 Things that Changed the Way I Train.
  3. Run with your friends. Running with friends will allow you to spend quality time socializing. At the same time, you will get your training run in. You definitely can’t lose when you run with a buddy. Your buddy will keep you accountable. It’s always harder to stay at home in front of the TV when you have your friend waiting for you to go for a run.

  4. Sign up for a destination race. Think of it like a vacation during which you get to run through a new beautiful place. Destination races are fun and exciting. Take photos and keep your finisher’s medal. Ideally, try to do one at least once every couple of years. This will motivate you to keep training. The vacation is your reward for staying motivated to run.
  5. Set a new goal you know you can achieve. Achieving a goal will help you regain confidence in yourself and your training. We all know that achieving goals brings us joy.


I hope that you found this helpful. Please share if you enjoyed reading this article.



Exercise Improves Academic Performance

A few months ago, I was asked to contribute to the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business’ blog. Having graduated from there 4 years ago, I’m grateful that I was asked to write about the impact that keeping fit and healthy has on your academic career. It was definitely an honour for me to be contacted by this high profile educational institution to contribute content.

Peter B. Gustavson School of Business is a top-ranked business school in the world.

In my article, I discussed some of the challenges I faced during my academic years, particularly when it comes to health and fitness. If there is one thing that I wish I did more of in my first and second year of university, exercise would be it. For the first two years of university, I didn’t exercise as much as I should have and did not make much time for myself.

Although focusing on assignments, term papers and tests is a good thing to be doing during your university years, it’s very important to focus on yourself and your health. Being active in university and making about half hour a day to exerice will pay off big. The healthier you feel, the better you will be able to handle the day-to-day stresses of being a student. This, in turn, will improve your academic performance significantly.

I also shared ways in which students can incorporate exercise into their day without spending too much time or money. At a minimum, all you really need is half hour to an hour a day for exercise, roughly three times a week. There are 168 hours in a week and all you need to do is dedicate 1.5-3 of those hours to exercise (less than 2% of your week).

Many studies have shown that physical activity improves cognitive function and memory. Being physically active also stimulates the growth of new neurons. Therefore, the better your brain functions, the better your academic performace will be. This, in turn, will also help you do better in the workforce after you graduate.

If you would like to read the article, CLICK HERE.




EXCITING NEWS: I’m Blogging for The Q Academy

I originally approached Manny at The Q Academy because I wanted to learn new skills in order to attract more participants to my new event called Run4Dreams, which is a Virtual 5k Race in order to raise money for Help Fill a Dream Foundation.

After my injury in 2016, I was not able to be a full-time personal trainer anymore. However, my love for running and my knowledge of the sport never went away just because I got a new career in the corporate world and was no longer a sub 41 min 10k runner due to the injury.

Now that I’m able to resume training and running more again, I am looking forward to making another attempt at a sub 40 min 10k. I know exactly what needs to happen for me to accomplish that goal and I will certainly be more than happy to share that too.

However, most importantly, I’m hoping that my story and experiences will simply inspire anyone who is leading a sedentary lifestyle to get out there and run a block. Then, run a mile. And then, run a few more miles. I promise you that although not every run will be easy, it will be worth it. You will see an improvement in your quality of life over time.

I’m very excited that I can share my passion for running and charity fundraising using fitness and technology with the readers of The Q Academy’s blog.

Technology is a wonderful thing. In the right hands, it can connect people who are passionate about a certain subject as well as create opportunities that never existed before.

I’m thrilled that I was asked to guest blog for The Q Academy. I love running, helping charities and producing content that will hopefully inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Check out my first post on how I will be using technology and digital marketing in order to inspire people to run and at the same time help out a great cause. I’m excited that I can share running tips, wearable fitness technology reviews and posts on corporate wellness on The Q Academy’s blog.

The first post is called Using Digital Marketing For Charity.   


Photo by: Ian Simpson at IMS FotoGrafix. Clothing: Public Myth.


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