SUCCESS Story: Charmaine Niebergall’s Mental & Physical Transformation

Charmaine and I met in December of 2014 and shortly after that, she started training with me. She was looking for a trainer who would become a positive influence in her life.

When I met her, she said that she had the opportunity to see how I treat other clients  and believed that we would be a good fit together as trainer and client.

She noticed I had a special promotion going, called Get Fit & Win $1000 and was one of the first 6 people who joined.

The more I worked with her, the more I realized we were becoming friends as well.

I always treat people the way I like to be treated so I feel honored that Charmaine made the decision to join my “fit family”. 🙂

After 3 months of training with me, Charmaine says that what she has achieved is far more valuable than just quickly losing 20 lbs and bench pressing 250 lbs.


Above: That moment when Charmaine posted this amazing comment after seeing me on Shaw TV chatting about fitness and running.

Here is what Charmaine had to say about her experience with me as a trainer. I had tears in my eyes when I originally read this:

“Yana helped me to gain great strength, both physically and mentally. Yana pushed me past points I thought I could not go.

She encouraged me to keep going with positive, fun and even whimsical encouragements.


Above: Charmaine’s before & after, taken in the same location, at the same place with the same camera phone.

She respected when I was not having a day that I could push hard, but also intuitively challenged me on days when she just knew that I could. She made me laugh, she made me teary eyed, she made me excited, pumped and supported.

What are a few of the things Yana has helped me to accomplish physically?
I can do 30 pushups, where I couldn’t do a single one before.
I can do 101 sets of stairs, carrying 20lbs worth of weights, where I could only do 12 before.
I can do over 100 squats, where I could do 50 before.
I can go for hikes, where I couldn’t before.

I can balance on a bosu ball, do countless abdominal exercises, and do as many bicep curls as she can. I couldn’t do any of these things before.

What are a few of the things Yana has helped me accomplish mentally?

I can go to the gym and NOT compare myself to others working out, where I couldn’t before.
I can look forward to the gym and exercise in general, where I didn’t before.
I am physically self-confident and feel good naked, where I didn’t before.

Yana has motivated me to continue long-term with regular exercise by making it fun, supportive, realistic, challenging, inspiring, and social, all at once.

I see the gym differently. I see exercise differently. I see myself differently. The money I spent on having Yana as a personal trainer has proven to be absolutely priceless.

I sought out Yana as a trainer because I kept seeing her with clients, of all shapes and sizes and she always had this big smile on her face.

She seemed kind, encouraging, intuitive, genuine and knowledgeable, which she has proven to be, time and time again.


Above: Charmaine’s before & after, taken in the same location, at the same place with the same camera phone.

If you want a trainer who will get you results because she pushes you during your sessions, gives you support and encouragement to do your very best on your own workouts, follows up, follows through, listens, truly cares, and knows how to laugh all while doing it, then Yana Hempler is the trainer for you.

I know she’s the trainer for me.”

In the end, Charmaine ended up taking a close 2nd in the Get Fit & Win $1000 Challenge.

But, most importantly, I’m inspired by the fact that she is continuing with her newly-found healthy lifestyle. She has been able to completely rewire her brain about exercise and she enjoyed the process.

Currently, she steers a dragon boat for the MS Warriors once a week.

She also said that steering the dragon boat is way easier now that she has been training with me. I’m thrilled that she has seen huge improvements from her past two seasons.

I’m very, very, very proud of Charmaine for what she has achieved so far.

Charmaine loves and trusts the process. She is a pleasure and a privilege to work with.

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