NEWS: Inaugural Get Fit & Win $1000 Challenge Wrap Up and Results

CONGRATULATIONS to my client Amanda for being the March 2015 WINNER of the Get Fit & Win $1,000 challenge.

She has overcome a lot to get to where she is and I am very happy to be a part of her journey!

She made a big physical and mental transformation and I’m very proud of the strength and endurance that she has developed.


When I originally posted the above photo of me and Amanda receiving her $1000 Cheque on Facebook, it received dozens of encouraging comments from all the people who support her and who are inspired by her transformation.

I was overwhelmed with joy as I read each and every single one of them.

Some of these encouraging comments came from other people who were also in the challenge, who did not win the grand prize. I am thrilled to be developing a community of people who support each other.

She is now able to do all the things that she didn’t think she could and I’m thrilled to see her developing more and more confidence as she has been conquering her fitness goals!

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to host the Get Fit & Win $1000 challenge and I truly enjoyed my time working with all the challengers.

When I first started it, some people were skeptical and some even asked me if it was an MLM thing or some other kind of gimmick. I don’t do that.

My business has no place for gimmicks and all the results that the challengers have achieved were achieved as a result of their own hard work. 

My goal was to inform, educate and show them that fitness is fun, exciting and rewarding.

The truth is, it was my idea and I came up with it to get people to stick to fitness and keep on pursuing their goals. My clients work hard and they get the results.

I spent a lot of time in order to determine the winner and I have learned so much over the last few months. I cannot wait to learn more!

Originally, 10 people believed in me enough to start and complete the challenge. They all have completely rewired their brain about fitness and they should all be proud of themselves for sticking to the program long enough to see results.

After several weeks into the challenge, 4 people made semi-finals because they have shown the greatest amount of improvement over time. These 4 people were Amanda, Attila, Charmaine and Tawnya.

Towards the end, Amanda and Charmaine were the top two and it was extremely challenging to determine the winner. In fact, it took me several hours.

A few of the challengers have agreed to share their success stories in detail, so you can look for them in upcoming posts and in the testimonials section of my website.

Below are just a couple of comments that I’ve received from the Top 2.


The 3rd place finisher also left an amazing comment. 🙂


Also, big THANK YOU to the following sponsors of the challenge: Noodlebox Shelbourne, Dragon Impact, Brickyard Pizza and IMS FotoGrafix.

If you are a business owner looking to improve your visibility, then contact me at yhempler(at)gmail(dot)com for a sponsorship package and additional information.

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