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Float House Victoria Review

As someone who enjoys trying new things, I was recently invited to try out Float House Victoria and I’m definitely glad I did.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Float House Victoria, it’s a sensory deprivation and floatation centre located downtown at 662 Herald Street.


During a float session, which lasts about 75-90 minutes, the user is in an isolation tank, which is filled with Epsom salt-saturated water and heated to skin temperature.

Epsom salt has been widely recognized for its health benefits, including: stress relief, relief of muscle soreness, improve muscle recovery, soothe aches and pains, as well as help remove toxins from the body.

As soon as I got to Float House Victoria, the owners cheerfully greeted me and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. The location itself is absolutely beautiful. A lot of work has been put into creating a wonderful, clean-looking space.

Since I’ve never done this before, I was given a detailed pre-float briefing so that I could have the best possible experience during my session.

I got into the float tank, closed the door and turned off the lights. As soon as I relaxed my body, I felt pretty awesome.

The key is definitely learning how to take the tension out of the shoulders, back and neck. Due to the amount of Epsom salt in the water, you will stay afloat without having to do anything. The important part is learning to trust the water to hold you up.


Above: what an isolation tank/floatation tank looks like.

I found this experience to be beneficial for me because I was able to spend 90 minutes clearing my head, organizing my thoughts and letting my body rest. Having an opportunity to recharge my batteries without any outside distractions was great.

First, many positive thoughts entered my head. Then, I started to fall asleep in the tank.

When it came time for me to get out, I felt well-rested, energized and ready to work and train harder.

Floatation therapy helps people avoid burnout, and as we all know, burnout can be detrimental to athletic, academic and career success.

I’m looking forward to seeing how floating will affect my Boston Marathon training and I will keep you all updated. I’ve read that many professional/elite athletes have benefited from spending time in the float tanks. Definitely eager to find out for myself.

Lastly, I’m thrilled to be one of Float House Victoria’s newest float ambassadors. You can like Float House Victoria on Facebook to score some awesome deals (even win free floats) and try it out for yourself. 🙂



Race Recap: The Q’s Victoria Run Series Cross Country Meet #3

The final race of The Q’s Victoria Run Series 2014 took place on Sept 27. Again, the weather was perfect. It’s awesome how we haven’t had a single rainy day throughout the entire season. 🙂

At this point, I could not believe that the season was over so quickly. I will definitely miss all the people and the racing.

This race was the longest. It was about 8km compared to the 6.8km and the 4km race a few weeks ago. In addition to the 8km, there was also a 4km option. You bet there were some people that did both! Kudos to them!

All the races are great for runners of all levels. The turnout was excellent, just like the other races in the series.

I ended up finishing 2nd in my age group for the 3rd time this cross country season. I finished the 8km course in 36:28, which is quite a bit slower than I would normally do an 8k in. Given that I have a marathon coming up in a couple of weeks, I didn’t push it too hard.

Immediately after finishing the 8k race, I went and did a 10k tempo run in preparation for the marathon. Again, it wasn’t very fast, but still felt pretty good.


The key is to run for the joy of it, because that’s what’s truly awesome.

The awards ceremony and the silent auction for The Mustard Seed Food Bank would be happening the following day.

I’m very excited to spend the evening with my new friends (and clients) from our fantastic running community.

Wishing there were more events in the series because I really enjoyed it and I’m sure others did too.

Race Report: The Q’s Victoria Run Series Cross Country Meet #2

The second cross country meet of The Q’s Victoria Run Series 2014 season took place on Sept 13. This race was to be a little bit longer than the previous one.

Last week’s race was just a little over 4km, but this week we ran just a little over 6km (or 6.8km) if we opted for the longer race (of course I did). The other option was to run 2km. However, the hardcore racing fanatics did both. 🙂

I opted to only do the ~6km race (actually 6.8k, but we referred to it  as 6k) because I wanted to watch the 2km finishers coming across the line (and I also had a long run planned for the following day).

Some of the 2k finishers headed straight for the Muscle MLK cooler, while others were waiting until they finish their 6k race before having a Muscle MLK.

When my turn to race came, I got a chance to chat with some awesome people at the start line.

The course was great. There were a few minor hills, but nothing too crazy. Also, the weather was nice and warm.


Above: My client Stephen and I showcasing our awesome medals 🙂

I ended up being 2nd in my age group again and me time was 27:22, which is not bad given that we almost ran 7k. I thought I kept a pretty good pace. You can see the rest of the results here.

I was also extremely excited to see my client Stephen ace the race. He ended up being 2nd in his age group as well.

As soon as this race was over, I was already looking forward to the next one in two weeks! I’m officially hooked.




Race Report: The Q’s Victoria Run Series Cross Country Meet #1

The first of 3 of The Q’s Victoria Run Series 2014 cross country meets took place on September 6. The weather was absolutely beautiful, almost on the verge of being a little too hot.

At this point, I basically knew everyone at the race and I became known as “The Muscle MLK girl” amongst all the participants.

Earlier in the season, during one of The Q Run Series track meets, a few people had mentioned that they would love to see me try a cross country race.

I haven’t done cross country since Grade 11, so I knew it would be pretty interesting to see how I do. I recall cross country being fun, so I was really looking forward to doing it again.


Above: Coming in towards the finish. Good times! Thanks Craig for the photo!

The first of The Q Run Series cross country meets was a 4km race at Beaver/Elk Lake. Conveniently, it’s also one of my favorite places to run.

Although the race was referred to as a 4k, it was actually closer to 4.5km. In cross country, the distance doesn’t have to be exact.

The route was ankle friendly, except for one part, where, in addition to going uphill, there were roots that we had to watch out for. As far as cross country races go, I found it pretty mellow in a good way.

I ended up being 2nd in my age group with a time of 18:14. I enjoyed the event and didn’t push it too hard because there was a long run (31km) ahead of me the next day.

However, I definitely looked forward to the next one!




Amazing Milestones: Published in Canadian Running Magazine and Independent Sports News Official Blogger

In general, August 2014 has been a great month for me for all aspects of my career, from writing to training to running.

About mid-August, I found out that my article called “Fix Your Hips” is in the latest (September & October 2014) issue of Canadian Running Magazine.

As a fitness writer, it’s a HUGE milestone for me. When I first got my copy of the magazine, it felt so surreal to flip to page 66 and see my name and article in one of my favorite publications of all time. I’ve been an avid Canadian Running Magazine reader for over two years and I feel honoured to have an article in it.


Above: This is what the cover of the issue where you can find my article looks like. I’m stoked that there is a reference to my article on the cover (top middle).

When I told my friends and clients that my article on injury prevention is in the magazine, some of them went out and bought the issue.

Many of my friends and clients are already subscribers, which is awesome. I got texts and Facebook messages from them congratulating me on this milestone. I want to take a moment to say “thank you” to all my friends and clients who have taken the time to read my article and gave me great feedback on it.


Above: Sneak peak at my article, it’s spread over 2 pages. Get your copy of the issue to read more 🙂

I feel very fortunate to be able to share some of my knowledge with tens of thousands of runners all across the country who read the magazine and who love the sport as much as I do. Canadian Running is packed with useful information on racing, training, injury prevention, running gear and more.

In addition to being published in Canadian Running, I also became one of the newest Independent Sports News writers/bloggers. I’m thrilled to be able to share my passion for fitness, health and athletics with more and more people. I look forward to interviewing inspiring athletes, sharing fitness tips, race stories and so much more.


Above: That’s where you can find my articles on the Independent Sports News website 🙂

My goal is to provide my readers with useful, accurate and inspiring information that will help them achieve their own fitness goals.

I’m always on the lookout for fitness writing opportunities for no other reason than to share my knowledge with those who are interested in learning. 🙂

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