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Public Myth Clothing Review

As someone who participates in sports, goes to the gym often and runs a lot, I’m always looking for products that will help contribute to my healthy lifestyle in one way or another. When I’m shopping for gym clothes, I always consider the aesthetics, fit and comfort. I want my clothes to look great on me, fit well and feel comfortable to wear.  Since I get quite a few messages from people asking me about my gear, I decided to write this review of Public Myth.YanatrackRunning
Above: Photo by IMS FotoGrafix wearing Public Myth Cross V Halter Bra and B Belt Shorts.

One time, I was browsing online fitness clothing sites and I kept on seeing the same types of standard fitness clothes over and over again-until I stumbled upon Public Myth. It was purely by accident that I found PM online. Whenever I find a company on the Internet, I make sure to read about it to see whether or not their values match what I believe in before I browse any further.

Above: Photo by IMS FotoGrafix wearing Public Myth Teaser Sports Bra and Retro Booty Shorts.

First, what really stood out to me was the slogan “Live with Passion.” I really like what it represents and what it stands for. To me, “Live with Passion” means “find something that you love to do and do it because the time that you spend on your passions is time extremely well-spent.”

Another thing that I really like about Public Myth is that all their clothes are made “with heart and soul in Canada”. The company is based out of Vancouver, BC. I love supporting and promoting local businesses especially because they have great quality product that I use on a regular basis.

Above: Wearing the Public Myth Cross V Halter Bra and Teaser Leggings.

I love Public Myth clothing because it fits me well. In addition to a good fit, the clothing is very comfortable to wear for my intense exercise sessions. Last but certainly not least-it looks great. Public Myth has successfully blended fashion and fitness and I like that.

In addition to the style, fit and comfort, I’m also looking for durability. Public Myth clothing is made to last. I’ve washed some of the colorful pieces that I own several times and the colors have not faded. The stitches did not fall apart, unlike some of the other fitness clothing I used to own prior to discovering PM.5small

Public Myth has a lot of beautiful, unique and well-made pieces of clothing, many of which could be dressed up to be worn to a night on the town. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of the clothes, the line is highly functional especially for going to the gym and jogging. I own a lot of pieces from Public Myth and there is a good reason as to why.

I have absolutely no hesitation recommending it to my friends, family and clients. It’s a great company. The owner is very service-oriented, in addition to being passionate about health and fitness, which adds to the genuineness of the company.

Above: Photo by IMS FotoGrafix wearing Public Myth Cross V Halter Top and B Belt Shorts.

Although Public Myth clothing is not cheap, in my honest opinion, you get what you pay for. So, if you pay $10 for a sports bra at a big-box store, expect to get a cheaply-made, low quality product which won’t last you more than a few washes.

On the other hand, if you buy a $40 (or so) sports bra from Public Myth, a boutique store focusing on high quality fashionable fitness wear, you get a product that will last longer, look better and feel more comfortable to wear.

If you buy something from Public Myth, tell them I sent you 🙂



Race Recap: The BMO Vancouver Marathon May 5, 2013

On the Friday before the BMO Marathon weekend, I was extremely excited about my upcoming trip to Vancouver for many reasons.  First, it’s one of the first few weekends where the weather was scheduled to be absolutely fantastic. Second, coming from Victoria, I love to visit the big city once in a while. Third, I love the positive energy at Marathon Expos. There are so many seriously excited and inspirational runners and exhibitors.

BMO Finish
Above: A few hours after finishing the race, I decided to come back to the finish line to cheer for other runners still coming across. Here I am wearing the BMO Marathon shirt, my Public Myth zip leggings and finisher’s medal 🙂

Knowing that any kind of traveling can take some energy out of you, I wasn’t entirely sure how I would do in the marathon. Ideally, before a marathon, it’s necessary to rest, hydrate and eat as many healthy carbohydrates as possible to ensure that you have a good race. Taking the ferry, bussing for over an hour and walking more than 10 blocks in hot weather the day before a marathon are not conductive to the aforementioned (yup, I did that but it was fun).

I tried to keep my pre-race routine the same as I what I do when I’m in Victoria. I charged and reset my Garmin Forerunner 110 and put my Public Myth outfit (running shorts and racer back sports bra), Cytomax and race bib in an easy-to-find spot. I don’t like to rush around in the morning of the race. Rushing around in the morning wastes unnecessary energy and can be stressful.

I always make sure to give myself enough time to get ready for the race and make it to the start line with 10-15 minutes to spare (sometimes earlier if I have to do gear check). Usually, getting up 2-2.5 hours before the start time is good enough.

When I got to the start line, I saw hundreds of excited runners! I was thrilled to be doing my 2nd marathon. Except, for this marathon, I didn’t have 16 weeks or training. Between training for the fitness competition which was at the end of March and getting sick for a week, I had 4 weeks of actual marathon training. Advanced marathon training programs usually last 12-16 weeks and beginner programs are just over 20 weeks. Somehow, deep down I believed that no matter what happens I will finish in the 3:25-3:35 range.

In addition to trying to see how quickly I could switch from marathon training to fitness competitions and back to marathon training and how my body would react to such changes and challenges, the BMO Marathon was an opportunity for me to get another long run in as part of my Run for Their Lives training.

Given how beautiful the course is, especially the area along the Stanley Park Seawall, I’m not surprised that the BMO Vancouver Marathon is ranked a Top 10 Destination Marathon by Forbes. I don’t go to Vancouver very often, so this was an awesome opportunity for me to get a closer look at some of the most stunningly gorgeous areas of the big city.

I knew I started out too fast the moment I saw that my time was 21:30 at the 5K mark. However, because I felt good, I didn’t think to slow down much. I crossed the 13.3km mark and my time was 1:02, which is just a little bit slower than my Cedar 12K pace. Still, at that point, I felt very comfortable.

However, when I got to the halfway point and realized that I finished the first half in 1:38:45, I felt extremely excited. First, it’s 45 seconds slower than my best half marathon time. Second, I knew that if I kept that same pace for the rest of the race, then I would be finishing under 3:20.  I was sure I went too fast, but I didn’t want to think that later on I would be facing the harsh reality of what happens when you start a really long race too fast.

When I didn’t hit the wall 30K, I was almost 100% sure that I was on my way to a personal best. I was thinking: “allright, it’s an easy 12K from here”. Well, not so much. At 37k, I hit the wall and my legs did not move as fast as I wanted them to. I also ran out of Cytomax. The good news was, I only had 5k left in the race. The bad news- a 5K towards the end of a marathon can take a long time to finish, which means that a PR was at stake.

Luckily for me, the cheering crowds which lined the streets and the vibrant city scenery made the last 5k feel better. When I saw the finish line just 200m away, I sprinted as fast as I could.

According to the results on Sportstats, I finished in 3:31:27 (avg. pace 5:01 min per km), which is not bad given the heat and my earlier pacing error. It’s a few minutes slower than my best time, but I know that I gave it a good effort and overall I think that I still had a pretty good race.

I finished 398th/3978 (in the top ~10% of finishers), 71st/2145 women (top 3.3% in my gender) and 2nd out of 140 in my age group (good enough for an age category award). Since my goal was to either place top 3 in my age group or run a personal best time, I was happy with the results. 🙂

A HUGE congratulations to Thomas Omwenga for winning the entire race and Lucy Njeri for being the first woman to cross the finish line!

Finishing this race is proof that I can train for both fitness competitions and marathons in a 15 week period. My experiment proved successful.

I’m currently not planning on doing any more races until after Run for Their Lives. I’m also signed up for the Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon this fall.

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